Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Start Me Up

Last week I couldn't write because back pain made it uncomfortable to sit at the computer. This week I haven't been able to work because of abdominal pain. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Actually I'm perfectly happy to write drafts upstairs, long hand, while prostrate on the bed. I'm called upon to do this frequently when my son can't fall asleep unless I'm in the next room. I can spread notes and reference books and steno pads out more effectively on the bed than on the computer desk.
So what's the real problem? I don't consider myself a real writer, given that I don't write real news, so can I really have writer's block? There's plenty I could be getting done for work but with a break for the holidays and then for unforeseen hospital stays I can't seem to get things kick started again.
Could it be that the writing gene is contained in the appendix? It's true that doctors don't know what function, if any, the appendix serves and yet strangely it does double as a literary term.

song: Start Me Up • artist: The Rolling Stones

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