Monday, January 22, 2007

Hey Look Me Over

I dressed my son in the living room on Friday before leaving for work. I realize, then, that I am the person who left the wet diaper in the living room. However, after myself, there was a virtual parade of other people passing through the house who all failed to dispose of the diaper.
First where my parents, who, after returning from taking the kids over the bridge for lunch, proceeded to help make a floor puzzle in the living room not six-inches from the diaper.
Later Ken came home, lay on the couch and watched the game, overlooking the diaper which was positioned between the couch and the television.
Now that I've guaranteed no visitors will be unexpectedly stopping by to relax in my living room any time soon, I'll confess that the diaper didn't get thrown away until Saturday morning when I finally noticed it lying on the floor near the coffee table. I'd convinced C to pick up his floor puzzle and even he conveniently failed to notice the diaper.

song: Hey Look Me Over • artist: Cy Coleman

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