Thursday, January 19, 2012

Choice in the Matter

Why does the press continue to refer to Mitt Romney as Governor Romney?
The man gave up being governor of Massachusetts in 2006.
I gave up being the design manager of a small magazine in 2002 but people don't refer to me as Design Manager Briana-Gartner.
At the very least he should be called, "former Governor Romney;" but what he really is is Stay-At-Home-Candidate Romney
As I see it Mitt's like a lot of SAHMs. He gave up his career to focus on something else. In the case of SAHM's, it's a new baby or a growing family. In the case of Mitt Romney, it was to nurse his presidential candidacy.
SAHC Romney should be writing eloquent statement about the joys of staying home, about how it's been so much more rewarding than work and how fortunate he's been to be able to watch his candidacy take its first steps. SAHC Romney should be touting what he's learned from play groups, books, and his online support community of other SAH candidates.
He should speak up for the rights of other SAH candidates, some of whom are maligned by the media as being nothing more than wealthy spouses who turn their candidacies over to nannies to raise and spend their time playing tennis and planning ski vacations.
To his credit, he has tried to reach out to non-SAHCs. Don't worry. He feels your pain. He knows you wish you were staying home to raise your candidacy yourself instead of having to enroll your little one in preschool part time and enlist the help of your parents to watch your candidacy in the afternoons while you're working.
Good preschools are so expensive these days and if your candidacy doesn't get into the right one, it will never amount to anything more than a regional or county win at best.
His first candidacy was four years ago and since it will be starting kindergarten soon, it's no wonder Romney is trying for a second. He's got to have another candidacy or SAHC Romney better get a part-time job or at the very least start volunteering at the PTO. If not, people will talk.

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a.eye said...

I agree, I didn't realize for some time into the process this election season that he was not the current governor.

Joanne said...

Yes. All humor aside. That's the point. If you didn't live in Massachusetts - how would you know?

Chris Katon said...

Location: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Event: South Carolina Primary is Saturday 1/ 21
Fact: I'm receiving 3-4 automated telephone calls per day on behalf of the Romney machine; along with 3 mailings in the past two days - all of which refer to candidate Romney as Gov. Romney!

Joanne said...

Hey Chris, thanks for reading the Mommy Rant! I'm sure the Governor thing is an honorary title or something but it seems purposely deceptive. The BBC news was talking about tonight's debate and I noticed they referred to him as "former Governor."