Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Digging in the Dirt II

Immediately after seeing this I felt the need to mock it.
Sure, plants growing out of egg shells are cute, but the text touts this as a way to recycle your cracked egg shells. Of all the things we need to worry about finding a way to recycle - egg shells aren't one of them.
They recycle themselves, pretty easily in your compost, have been for years.
If you'd rather plant seeds in them by all means go ahead, but don't pat yourself on the back over all the egg shells you're keeping out of the landfill.
Then I thought - "you're such a curmudgeon Joanne, just let them have their cute seedings in egg shells - what's the harm?"
I suppose the harm is when we think that we can rest on our green laurels after recycling egg shells and therefore don't address any real issues.

song: Digging in the Dirt • artist: Peter Gabriel


S. Stauss said...

I so agree with your curmudgeonliness on this. They are cute, though. But still... why not plant them in old light bulbs or something?

Joanne said...

Dear S - thanks for your comment!
Agreed. It's totally cute. And if they had just said, "a cute container for your seedlings," I would have gone with it but I was annoyed that they specifically mentioned the recycling aspect. And of course you could keep going with it - who breaks eggs that perfectly - mine are usually right down the middle - and who uses six eggs at one time - yadda, yadda, yadda.