Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't Keep Me Wonderin'

How do the other mommy bloggers do it? How do they have the time to observe the adorable antics of their children, write posts that are considerably longer than most of the stuff I churn out, create their own buttons and design clever headers, and then cross post and network in order to self promote and build a community of friends and readers?
Case and point. I had one new comment to my blog the other day and sat down to respond to it - because all the blogs on "how to create more blog traffic" strongly encourage responding to every comment.
Anyway, I'm responding and hitting the send key when S comes in the room to tell me something.
He repeats the something.
Then repeats it again.
Finally I realize he's trying to let me know he's spilled his juice. I follow him into the kitchen where he's spilled a gallon of apple juice on the table and floor. At the same time the phone rings and it's the mom of H's friend Sam calling to set up a playdate for Saturday except I can't hear what she's saying because now N is crying from the bathroom where he's just noticed some skid marks on the undies he's been wearing all day. I say "hey sh*t happens."
Not only that but there's some liquid on the floor that I initially assume is pee though later come to realize is just water from the cat's bowl. Also the seat of N's pants are mysteriously wet.
All that in the time it took to respond to one blog comment. So again I wonder - how do these other moms do it? Observe, write, maintain, create, nurture, cook, clean, and do laundry.
And then mop up a gallon of apple juice.
Last night neither the twins nor the cat chose to sleep in our bed.
I lay awake for hours wondering why.

song: Don't Keep Me Wonderin' • artist: The Allman Brothers

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S. Stauss said...

We all just ignore our kids. Just kidding. Most of my blogging is done just exactly as you describe. Of course, I make no claims about its quality.