Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shadows of the Night

What will it be tonight?
The cat jumping on my head and waking me up?
The cat jumping on Ken's head and waking me up?
The twins coming in, one at a time, to sleep in our bed and waking me up?
The cat again. I wake up and put her in the hallway.
C coming into my room and waking me up to say the cat's jumping on his feet?
Me suggesting he carry the cat out of his room and close the door?
The cat back in the bedroom because C left the door open but closed his own?
The dream in which I am in a wedding party and my cousin picks out a red tulle ballet skirt for me to wear?
Why go to bed at all?

song:  Shadows of the Night • lyrics: Pat Benatar

1 comment:

S. Stauss said...

Oh my, yes. I don't understand why even the cat knows that I'm the one to wake up. So many nights listening to the husband snore after I've been awakened for the 4th time and wanting to smother him with a pillow. The kid thing does get better, though.