Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Gambler

When you get invited to the next baby shower, take some advice from this experienced mom, buy the mother-to-be either a sh*t load of batteries or new tupperware.
The batteries are self explanatory. The extra tupperware is necessary because no matter how much you label your plastic containers, it's always a gamble whether or not you'll get them back from the PTO teacher appreciation luncheon or the preschool pot luck.

song: The Gambler • artist: Kenny Rogers


Joslin said...

That's a really good idea! I usually buy clothes in different sizes other than newborn. That way the baby has new clothes after it outgrows the first size.

Joanne said...

Clothing in larger sizes is a good idea as well. I remember mostly keeping my boys in their little sleepers when they were infants, despite all the cute clothing people gave us. I got braver about dressing them as they got older.

TangledLou said...

These are fantastic ideas. I usually buy all the not-cute, but essential stuff - booger suckers, tweezers, burp rags, etc. I really think people should wait until after the baby is born before having showers so that they can find out if that $150 swing is really essential to their lifestyle.