Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reach Out, I'll Be There

scene: a narrow hallway leading to a back door containing a washing machine and dryer. The cabinets stacked above the machines are full of canned food.
A mother is transferring wet clothes from the washing machine to two drying racks that crowd the dead-end hallway. Above her head, the cabinet is open. The camera zooms in to show several cans of Planter's Mixed Nuts on the second shelf.

Father: Can you reach my nuts?
Mother: I can't. I'd need the step stool to reach your nuts.
Father: You mean I have to reach my own nuts?
Mother: I'm afraid so. I assume you can reach your own nuts.
Father: I've reached them before.
Mother: I thought so.

song: Reach Out, I'll Be There • artist: The Four Tops

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