Saturday, February 02, 2013

Celebrate Good Time (II)

Hey! Today's a great day!
And it's great not just because 45 years ago today I was born - - - but honestly I can't think of another reason.

song: Celebrate Good Times • artist: Kool and the Gang


Winnie said...

Hope you have a great birthday! I am heading out tonight and will toast you with my sangria!

Audrey Humaciu said...

Happy Birthday! You are soooo much older than me - a whopping 3 months. ha ha! Hope those cuties of yours treated you right today.

Joanne said...

Mmmm sangria. Thanks!

Joanne said...

Thanks Audrey. I kind of hung it over their heads all day. "It's my birthday can you guys please get along?" "It's my birthday please cut that out!" "It's my birthday - get off him please!"