Friday, February 01, 2013

Celebrate Good Times

I brought blueberry muffins to preschool yesterday so the twins could pass them out to celebrate their birthday. They have this little ceremony wherein they each carry a globe and walk around this lit candle that represents the sun for the number of years that they've been alive. As the audience we are charged with counting to five and hoping that nothing catches on fire.
While we were eating the muffins a little boy sitting nearby turned and addressed me:
"Next time can you bring in a cake - with glaze?"
I explained that my sister from Maine had visited recently and brought us 10 pounds frozen of blueberries which is I why I'd gone with blueberry muffins instead of cake, but he remained unimpressed.
In the car later yesterday afternoon N asked me when daddy would be getting old. Why do you want daddy to get old I asked.
"Because I want him to be dead."
"Oh. How come you want Daddy to die?"
"Because then he won't yell at me."
It's ironic because I too am guilty of yelling equally as often as Daddy, but as far as I know N isn't gunning for my eminent demise.
I tried to remind N that when Daddy wasn't yelling he was fun to have around, but N remained unimpressed.

song: Celebrate Good Times • artist: Cool and the Gang


Winnie said...

I love blueberry muffins. A friend of mine in ME would freeze them and I would eat blueberry everything when I visited. I had to laugh a the comment from your son as one of my brothers (there were 6 of us kids) said to my mom to stop yelling. She stopped and looked at him and told point blank if we were quiet and paid attention she wouldn't have to. The face said it all and nobody ever mentioned it again. The yelling was to frequent and of course was minimal as we were older and not putting ourselves in danger "Watch the stove, get out of the street etc etc.."

Joanne said...

"... stop that! get off your brother! put that down! this is the 5th time I've asked you!..." I'm a broken record for most of the day - an analogy my kids don't even understand!

akl said...

I think it's great that you followed up his statement to find out why. a lot of parents would stop and say "that's terrible! don't say that!", when the reason behind it is just innocent.