Monday, February 11, 2013


Its sides were so cold after 44 hours without heat I thought my mug might shatter when I finally was able to pour hot tea into it yesterday afternoon.
It's amazing how quickly we revert to farmers' hours when faced with a lack of electricity and no schedule to keep. Usually I go to bed at midnight. The first night the power was out we stayed up and I read the Hobbit until after 10, then we all wend to bed around 11 and woke up around 9. On Saturday night we were all in bed by 9:30 and up just after 7. I'm convinced if the power had not come back on Sunday afternoon we would have gone to bed at 8 and gotten up at 6.
And what's with the headline in the Cape Cod Times? Wintercane? What's that? Aren't high wings and snow a blizzard? Don't we already have a name for it?
I should have shed a few pounds just from schlepping around so much weight in clothing the past two days. I counted seven layers on top including my vest, and six+ on the bottom. That's six including two pairs of socks. I am not the queen of layering for nothing. Needless to say I didn't need to don a coat when I went outside to bring in firewood.
It's also amazing how the subconscious jumps in and tires to help out when one is faced with a stressful situation. It was so windy Friday night that when I went to bed I was sure the windows in the living room were going to blow in or that some other storm-related calamity was going to befall (literally) the house. In my dream I was at jury duty in another town (some town suffering from severe urban decay). In the courthouse parking lot were all these delinquent teenagers waiting around to speak with their parole officer. While I was at jury duty my car was stolen and when I told the parole officer that I thought somebody had stolen my car she said, "probably."
Anyway, I was so relieved when I woke up and my car wasn't stolen - only buried in snow. Phew. It even made those two huge tree limbs lying in the backyard easier to take.

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Winnie said...

I am so glad you heat/power came on! I know what you mean about farmer's hours after Sandy! We lost power and heat for 5 days. We just went to bed early and hoped it would all be ok by morning..ugh. At least for us it wasn't February! We got 24 inches here for this blizzard. I took out the movie Nemo and watched it with hubby. Sick, I know. I think the naming of the storms now is crazy (used to only be hurricanes) and classifying them is also nuts as a friend of mine had a beach home in Rockaway (boardwalk now in her living room!) and she had hurricane insurance. They first said it was a "flood" so no payment, now they are claiming it was a "superstorm and not a hurricane so her hurricane insurance is not kicking in etc etc.." She has been battling since then and we are waiting to see how this pans out for her. I say it is a lot of BS.

Love that you make your own Valentine's with the kids, as they are much more special and it is great fun time together. Thanks for made my day.