Thursday, February 07, 2013

You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

Ken (on the phone): Do you want me to pick up anything for you before the big storm?
Me: Yes. Go to Staples and get me some glue sticks. If we're going to be snowed in, at least we can make a dent in the Valentine production.
We watched "A Charlie Brown Valentine's Day" tonight. I hope that Charlie Brown becomes a rocket scientist when he grows up, marries a super model, and attends all his high school reunions. 

song: You're A Good Man Charlie Brown • musical: You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

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Winnie said...

I hope you guys don't get socked like they are saying in MA. I decided to take off work intstead of trying to get home on transportation. I have been in full production of Valentine mode and having a blast. Today I will be doing the same as you and having pots of tea! Say safe.