Monday, September 04, 2006

Doctor, Doctor

Here's some advice. You can't buy stuff to decorate for the bike parade on July 3rd; and if you wait till the day before your son's birthday to get his present, even after scoping out exactly the gift you want, you're going to be disappointed. Yes, I am, procrastinator mom.
I wanted to get my son a toy doctor's kit for his birthday. He's always telling me his teddy bears are hurt and flipping through the first aid book for ideas on how to bandage them up.
I saw the perfect kit in the Mashpee Commons toy store in July when we were shopping for a birthday present for my friend's daughter. We were shopping for that gift on the day of the birthday party as well.
I'd looked earlier in the toy shop on Main Street for doctor's kits but the one they had was around $35 and just had too much stuff in it. I believe it had a bed pan in it. I'm not sure he needs that much realism just yet.
So I go back to Mashpee Commons, the day before his birthday, and of course they don't have the one that I saw in July. They had a different kit that I didn't like nearly as much but I was desperate so I bought it. Then I bought a second one at the Main Street shop on his birthday, a less expensive, non-bed pan model.
The Mashpee Commons kit had a better blood pressure cuff, but the stethoscope had batteries and made two different noises. I hate toys that make noise. So I gave him the second kit. The stuff unfortunately looks a little cheaper but the container itself was bigger so we could put some of the homemade medical supplies we've been playing with inside it like his empty vitamin container, eye dropper, and popsicle stick tongue depressor.
It didn't really matter in the end because Ken got him a scooter, which beats a doctor's kit hands down.

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