Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sunday Papers

Our Boston Globe didn't get delivered yesterday. It's not like I read it from cover to cover, but it's a comfort to have on the table all day and wishful thinking that I might have time to sit down and read it. Ditto for the illusion that I might get to finish a cup of tea while it's still warm.
You'd think, that with newspaper readership down and continuing to fall, the Globe might reconsider its policy of no redeilvery beyond whatever radius it is that's their cut off distance to travel back and make one lone reader happy. But alas no, all I get for calling in my missed paper at 7AM is a lame recording telling me they'll credit my account. Unsatisfying to say the least.
How do I know for sure it's a missed delivery by 7AM you ask, maybe the driver was running late? Well, it's the same driver who brings our Cape Cod Times (Ken and I can't agree on which paper to subscribe to, he reads the Times), and the Times was lying in the driveway.

song: Sunday Papers • artist: Joe Jackson

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