Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Right Back Where We Started From

I asked him if he had to use the bathroom when we were still at the conservatory. He said no. It wasn't like last week when we were on 495, headed home after the the turkey farm incident, and I passed by the rest stop without mentioning bathrooms in an effort to get home quickly. As soon as we were passed the rest stop he announced he had to go.
So he said "no," but the minute we arrive at Amber Waves he's wondering, "why don't they have any bathrooms at Amber Waves?"
"Why, do you have to go?"
"I asked you if you had to go when we were at the conservatory and you said no."
"But then I was eating this cookie in the car, and now I have to go."
So after Amber Waves we head back up Depot Avenue and stop at work. It's always helpful to have your office in town for emergency bathroom trips.
We're headed home and he suggests I roll up the windows because he's cold and then I remember: we left his coat hanging in the pre school room in the conservatory. His pajama tops are tucked in the sleeve because he insisted on wearing them on his head to the open house.
We turn around and head back to Depot Avenue for a third time this morning.
And people wonder what I do all day.

song: Right Back Where We Started From • artist: Maxine Nightingale

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