Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Don't Stop Believing

Without warning, the intersection at Old Main and County Road in North Falmouth has turned into a four-way stop. It used to be a two-way stop.
In truth they should have made it a four-way stop years ago because people with the right of way were always stopping because they didn't trust the people with the stop sign to actually stop.
Nevertheless, I'm confused enough as it is. One day there's no stop sign, the next day there is. I can't take the added pressure of sitting at the stop sign getting irritated at the guy on Old Main Road because I think he's stopped for no reason when in reality the other driver is equally annoyed with me, the driver on the right, for not going when it's my turn.
Where was the warning? I need more notice! How is an easily confused parent expected to keep up with these changing times?

song: Don't Stop Believing • artist: Journey

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Anonymous said...

The first time it was changed without my prior knowedge, I nicely tooted my horn at the elderly man in front of me. Hey, I didn't know. The second time, I honked really hard at the teenager who I though was being ridiculously cautious stopping where she didn't need to. The third time, I ran it. All three times, I am sure, there was an "unwarned new stop sign". I now know. I now stop. Hey, I work for the newspaper, someone should have forwarned us...maybe a new column..... Mommies need warnings about changes.