Saturday, September 16, 2006


Here's a list, probably not comprehensive, of all the questions my older son asked me today between three and six o'clock:
• What kind of animals do birds eat?
• How do rocks protect themselves?
• Where's my butterfly net?
• How do stores get their things?
• Can you please come in the shed for a minute?
• Can you go in the house and get a mirror?
• Why can't you swallow gum?
• How do you make strawberry yogurt?
• When I'm 17 how old is Anthony going to be?
• Why are those ducks not in their pen?
• Why can't they get some exercise in their pen?
• Is this a real anchor?
• Why don't you like any beer?
• Why can't we honk the horn everywhere we go?
• Can I have the keys?
• Is the car locked?
• Why are there mirrors under those flappy things?
• Why are we leaving Coonamessett Farm?
• Why don't people swallow cigarettes?
• Where do people who smoke cigarettes get them from?
• What's a coach?
• How big are these batteries?
• Did Daddy buy them?
• What's this?
• Why'd you put the gate up?
• Have you seen my tambourine?

song: Question • artist: The Moody Blues

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habloconpablo said...

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