Friday, September 01, 2006

Short People

Tomorrow is my son's birthday. It's a huge deal to turn from three for four. I had no idea, but it is. He's been going on for a while now about who he's going to be bigger than once he turns four, who he's bigger than now, and who will still be bigger than him even when he is four. He's even compared the length of my arm to his arm to see if his is as long as mine yet.
"I'm as tall a Luisa. Sometimes three-year-olds can be as tall as six-year-olds."
"No three-year-old could be as big as a ten-year-old."
"I'm the same size as Alex and he's four, but Max is bigger than me and Alex and he's four."
"Know how I can be taller the Edie? I can stand on a chair."
"I might be taller than Clara."
"I can wash my hands without a step stool. I bet Ben can't do that."
Tonight he was standing on our bed going, "see how tall I am? I can almost touch the ceiling." I agreed that he almost could.
"I bet by tomorrow I'll be able to reach."

song: Short People • artist: Randy Newman

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