Monday, February 02, 2009

Bed Are Burning II

First we tried to get a FLEXA bunk bed to match the bed we bought C three years ago but all the local companies that carried FLEXA, which is from Denmark and looks modular and IKEA-like, kept going out of business.
From there Ken decided he would build a bunk bed. "It will only take a day or so," he promised. "I built one in college."
Then Alex moved his kids into separate bedrooms and offered us their bunk beds complete with captain's drawers.
They are still in our garage.
Finally Martha offered us her son's loft bed.
Leave it to my librarian friend to not only provide my sons with books to read while in bed, but to provide them with the actual beds themselves.
Ken put it together in less than 24 hours.
It was like that quote from painter James Whistler, who, when asked by his critics how long it took him to make a particular painting responded, "several hours, and a lifetime."
Getting my big boys into bunk beds took "18 months, and 24 hours."

song: Beds Are Burning II • artist: Midnight Oil

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