Tuesday, February 03, 2009


As mentioned previously (and a little ruefully), I'm not an expert on anything. As the mother of twins though, I have been asked my opinion on octuplet mom more than once this past week. It's laughable because asking a woman with twins about a woman with octuplets is akin to asking a 10-minute miler about the strategy of ultra-marathoners - sure we're both in the race - but there the similarity ends.
The reaction many people have to the idea of having twins is the same reaction that applies to octuplets. The phrase "I'd shoot myself" gets bandied about which is all very funny unless you happen to know someone who did shoot themselves and then - well - not so much.
As for the mother of eight, who turns out to be the mother of fourteen, the words unstable, or at the very least, unrealistic come to my mind.
But what of Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, medical director of Fertility Institute, who was quoted as saying with regards to family planning in the case of octuplet mom: "who am I to say that six is the limit?"
Who are you? You're a fertility doctor! Take a little responsibility! Will no one be responsible for anything? Yes, it's irresponsible for a woman to birth eight babies, but it's also irresponsible for professionals - the supposed experts - to not take a stand.
Am I to believe that if I were a 38DD and I went in for breast augmentation surgery the doctor would just keep adding on until I couldn't stand up straight?
If I weighed 98lbs could I get myself a gastric bypass?
I do know that if I already had six dogs and I went to the Friends of Falmouth Dogs asking to adopt another eight puppies, they would politely, but firmly, turn me down.
Know why? Because not only do those volunteers have the best interest of the dogs at heart - they aren't afraid to speak up.
Why even be an expert in the field if you aren't going to give any expert advice?

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Ann's Rants said...

This is a great post. The analogies really highlight the ethical issues.

Susan said...

I feel badly for the kids. There are 14 of them in a home with no dad and no evident means of support. Not to mention any hope of one-on-one quality time with mom. Ever.