Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Closing Time

C wrote a note to H, "I love you, H," it said. It was signed, "love and from C."
Love and from? It seemed redundant, but then I decided it was brilliant.
We (or at least I) spend a lot of time looking for just the right word. Especially when it comes to a closing. I never know how to close an e-mail. "Sincerely" sounds too formal. "Have a good one" too informal. "Ciao" too European for a townie like myself. Sometimes I evoke the weather as with the hopeful, "think spring!" but usually I go with "many thanks" which I consider to be friendly yet professional. Letters are less of a problem. If I'm taking the time to put pen to paper, chances are you rate a "love, Joanne," at the end of the missive.
Kids have no such concerns. Why limit yourself, or agonize over, one perfect word? Use more than one. Use as many as you need - conventional letter-writting etiquette be damned. C could have written, "love, from, miss you, and have a nice day." Frankly, all of which sound more satisfying than "many thanks."

song: Closing Time • artist: Lyle Lovett


Ann's Rants said...

"Fondly" is nice, but often too familiar.

"Love, From" has a nice ring to it.

let's try...

a bloggy xo,

Joanne said...

Fondly is good. I'd forgotten that one.
Fondly is like: "well I like you some, but not enough to rate a 'love.' "
It's very New England.

tina said...

funnyt, i think about this (probably way too much (too). because i work in the early childhood world, i can get away with spring smiles happy face icon, but you cant use that professionally.
my favorite is

Joanne said...

I like how different hobbyists have different closings.
There's "tight lines" for the angler, "clear skies," for astronomers, "fair winds," for sailors, and of course, "may the force be with you," for Esther!