Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rockin Robin

It happened again. I waited too long to take the Christmas greens out of the window boxes and a bird has built a nest in them.
It's the box closest to the house so it will give my indoor cat something to look at.
The cat has had a pretty good March. Earlier in the month I expanded her wet cat food varieties. I've been buying the brand Before Grain (B.G). It's 100% of whatever it is, be it chicken, or beef. This time I purchased 100% turkey as well as 100% quail. Mmmm quail. You know what they say - it's all about choice.
They don't make what my cat really wants though: 100% chipmunk, 100% Carolina Wren, or the vegetarian entree - 100% spider plant.

song: Rockin Robin Bobby Day

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