Thursday, March 05, 2009


C has been assessing his career options. He's "interested" in space but doesn't want to be an astronaut because that's "too dangerous." He thinks being a plumber might be good, and mentioned once that he'd like to be a receptionist because then he could sit down all day.
Then there's his back-up plan which is to be a baseball player.
He friend Will is planning to be a fireman and C wants to talk him out of it because, that's "too dangerous." Likewise he plans to have a heart to heart with Anthony, who wants to be a policeman.
H left his lunch box at preschool yesterday. My best efforts to assure him it would be okay there until Monday did not go over well so, after we met C at the bus stop I told him to hop in the mini van because we have to go back to North Falmouth and retrieve it.
Instead C suggested that he walk home himself and wait for us there.
Sorry Buddy, that's "too dangerous."

song: Dangerous • artist: Michael Jackson

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