Monday, March 02, 2009

I Will Survive

Major snow storm today. Or maybe not.
Up to 15 inches. Or maybe not.
Predictions of snowfall always bring out my hoarding instincts. OMG, it might snow! We have no peanut butter in the house! How will we survive a day, one whole day, 24 hours, maybe more (gasp!) without peanut butter? And look at this, we only have an open half-gallon of milk in the fridge. And ham! where's the ham?
Ken assures me that he has four-wheel drive and consequently will be able to make it to the store. I knew there was a reason we kept that truck. Thank heaves because I'm quite sure we'll be down to eating shoe leather by the time he gets home from work.

song: I Will Survive • artist: Gloria Gaynor


Anonymous said...

as soon as snow is forcasted, i check the liquor cabinet. wine and ham, now that is an interesting combination.

Joanne said...

Wine is important too. Especially if the lights go out. I forgot that one. Come to think of it our reserves are a little low.
I remember when Hurricane Bob was predicted. My roommate and I went straight to Kappy's followed by a stop at the convenience store for bags of cheese curls and a big box of doughnuts.
After everyone lost power our neighbor brought over a cheese cake that was "just going to go bad," in her freezer.
Way to ride out a storm!