Monday, March 09, 2009


Here are some ways that I deal with feelings of total frustration brought on by my children in situations, like the car, where I can't physically get away from them. I either a) whisper "shut up, shut up!" under my breath; b) think about my friend Tom and about how he thought I would be a great mom and resolve not to let him down; c) think about my equally encouraging friend Pam and resolve not to let her down, or d) think about what a great story the incident will make at Effective Parenting Class, and remarkably, one of these usually does the trick.
I now have a new weapon in my arsenal - St John's Wort Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea, purported to encourage a positive mood and purchased mainly because a glass of wine at 10AM is generally frowned upon.
My maximum potential for achieving a "positive mood" through consumption of a non-alcoholic beverage will be reached if I "drink 4-6 cups daily between meals for at least 4 weeks."
If I had the time for four or five cups of tea per day, I think I'd already be in a pretty good mood.

song: Relax • artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood

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Laurie said...

I'm quite sure in some places St. John Wort tea is a drug and since I'm reading backwards to catch up with your life singing Pink Cadillac or any Bruce song loudly is a wonderful stress reducer especially with the car windows open. Laurie