Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dirty Old Town

Did you know that John Todd has an Earth Day Birthday?
I can't think of anything more appropriate.
The local radio station has been airing helpful Earth Day suggestions like "don't forget those reusable cloth bags," and "pick up plastic off the beaches."
Didn't we solve the paper vs plastic debate 20 years ago? About the time we all started cutting up the plastic rings on our beer six packs? Let's stop talking about reusable bags and changing light bulbs. Let's talk about nitrogen overloading, where our septic really goes, cheap coal, and our obsession with grass (the kind you walk on, not the kind you smoke).
C's suggestion for Earth Day is that everyone wear the same clothes two days in a row without washing them.
Now there's a suggestion I can get behind.
Of course I already do that.

song: Dirty Old Town • artist: Ewan MacColl

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