Sunday, April 05, 2009

Won't Get Fooled Again

C announced proudly that he'd "fooled" most of his friends Thursday with the old April Fool's Day, did-you-hear-about-that-big-snow-storm-we're-getting? joke.
Of course you got them - it was April 2, why would they be expecting more April Fool's Day jokes?
I always fall for April Fool's Day jokes. They used to air coverage of a "parade" on April 1 on WZLX - maybe they still do. I was a sophomore when I realized it was a joke, I'd totally bought it freshman year.
Last year I was fooled by a spoof issue of the newspaper the local sixth graders put out. The first article I read was about how the toy store on Main Street was going to sell nothing but Barbie merchandise. "What? Nothing but Barbie?" I thought to myself. Where will I buy presents for all the boy birthday parties my kids are going to be invited to for the next decade? I was all broken out in a cold sweat before realizing it was a joke.
I guess it's because adults aren't used to being fooled (except by ads for miracle weight-loss shakes), while for kids - anything is still possible and everything is still questionable.

song: Won't Get Fooled Again • artist: The Who

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