Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Built This City

They are demolishing the ideal spot. The Ideal Spot Motel that is. They are going to build condos there; right next to the condos they built out of the Caleb O. Hamblin House a few years back. Some of those units are still for sale.
I can't understand why the town gave the West Falmouth Market a hard time over their plans to expand their business and put apartment units on top of the store when that entire corner of Route 28A is in the process of being turned into condominiums.
Maybe it's because people might actually move into the apartments.
And speaking of building, what's the story with that house next to the Tin Man Diner? They built the house over the course of three weeks last winter when I was sequestered inside with the twins. Fifteen months later and they still can't get any landscaping in?

song: We Built This City • artist: Jefferson Starship


Anonymous said...

what about the one on 151 across from the beach house? yikes.

petercook said...

Well in the case of the Ideal Spot the new owner will be greening the corner and getting rid of the parking lot.

The market is going to expand slowly because of the way the economy is and according to them they are going to build the apartments.