Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Higher Ground

We attended an Easter egg hunt over the weekend.
It was a well-organized event, run by some nice (and very brave) parents - with an awesome backyard. They herded the little kids to one end of the yard so they would have a fighting chance at 1:20 when the hunt began.
C said he overheard the adults saying that they'd hidden 800 eggs. "Hidden" being a relative term. When the big kids came through (at approximately 1:22) it was like those swarms of grasshoppers I'd heard about during the dust bowl that would sweep across the plains and through farmers' fields devouring every living thing in sight. Those kids picked the woods clean. Not an egg left in sight except for a few that had been opened, had their candy extracted, and then been cast aside like a once favorite toy, now forgotten in the rush of Christmas morning.
Still, I liked it better than pinata bashing.

song: Higher Ground • artist: Stevie Wonder

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