Wednesday, May 20, 2009

At The Hop

Whenever people want to drive home the point that coyotes are roaming at little too freely on Cape Cod they bring up the rabbit population.
"I never see any rabbits any more; it's because of all the coyotes," they say in their most all-knowing wildlife biologist voice.
Using rabbits as a marker then, the coyote population must be in a steep decline despite the little fellow who wanted to join the jr. baseball game last Saturday. Having returned from a walk this evening I can assure you that the rabbit population in Pine Bay is doing just fine - thank you very much. I saw at least 10 cottontails tonight and those were just the ones I almost tripped over while listening to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on my iPod.
If you're concerned that a possible lack of coyotes might lead to rabbit overpopulation you needn't worry about that. Most of the rabbits were munching on pesticide-laced lawns - which can't be too good for them. Too bad they haven't learned to read those little yellow flags.

song: At The Hop • artist: Danny and the Juniors

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