Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thirty-Thousand Pounds of Bananas

Have you noticed how the networks now air tv shows so that a new one begins before the credits have finished rolling on the one before it? Remember when there were commercials between television shows, and pipe cleaners were called pipe cleaners instead of chenille sticks? Now all the commercials air during the programming and viewers get sucked into a new plot line before they have time to reach for the remote or take a bathroom break.
In The Office, the employees, well Michael at least, seem to jump into their cars on a whim and drive to New York City. What's the distance between Scranton, PA and NYC? By the looks of the show it's about 45 minutes.
I could Google it and find out but it's not that important really.
Everything I need to know about Scranton, Pennsylvania I learned from the Harry Chapin song.

song: Thirty-Thousand Pounds of Bananas • artist: Harry Chapin


Susan said...

Chenille sticks?
Wait... so I've been walking around like an idiot continuing to call them pipe cleaners?

Joanne said...

You and me both, baby!