Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Little Bird, Little Bird

It's weird and unsettling to read about the potential demise of the Boston Globe - in the Boston Globe. It must be weirder still to work for the paper and have to report on it. Like having to describe your own injuries from the field of battle
It would pain me to see the paper fold even though over the past years they've eliminated many of the columnist and features that I enjoyed most.
If I might make a suggestion to the Globe I would advise them to expand their area of redelivery. If you miss an Enterprise delivery, or get a wet paper, or the neighbor's dog chews it up, whatever, we'll bring you another one. Whenever I call in a missed delivery to the Globe, it's not at all satisfying to hear that recorded voice on the end of the line saying he's sorry and our account will be credited. I don't want credit - I want my paper. I want my driver, the same guy who delivers my Cape Cod Times (which inexplicably gets delivered, why one and not the other?), to get back down my road pronto and bring me a paper. Why can't he just go buy one at the W. Falmouth Market and have the Globe credit his account.
Now, on days when we don't get a paper (like today), I just assume the paper has finally bled out and folded.
The baby birds in our window box nest didn't make it. I've been too depressed to write anything since it happened. I shouldn't be that surprised, the reality is that nature is pretty harsh. I don't know what happened. Ken thinks something must have got the mother bird.
I was glad my kids weren't home. I buried all the chicks in the garden and then had a good cry about it. If the mother bird is still out there somewhere I just want her to know I took care of them. When Ken came home he emptied the window box and cleaned out the nest and the brown Christmas tree branches. I was glad he did because I kept automatically looking to the right every time I went out the door to get a glimpse of the mother bird. It's amazing how quickly we acclimate to something or someone and it becomes part of our routine.

song: Little Bird, Little Bird • musical: Man of La Mancha

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