Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Romeo and Juliet

The direct mail piece from Peking Palace was addressed to "Gourmet Asian Food Lover," which sure beats "current resident" in terms of clever marketing appeal.
It reminded me of the letters I used to send and receive from my college boyfriend. Letters addressed to Sonny from Cher, to Romeo from Juliet, and to Prince Charles from Lady Diana (hey, it was the 80s).
It made me nostalgic, but not for the reason you're thinking. It wasn't young love I found myself pining for, but the lost art of letter writing.
A letter addressed to Marc Anthony from Cleopatra will still get there. An e-mail? Good luck with that.
Speaking of young love, it's prom time again. I thought I might write another piece about the things you've missed this past year. But since you've missed everything - where would I begin?
This one I couldn't let go by though. Eric is selling that house. You know, the house he floated over from Chapoquoit Island. The house that sat in the parking lot of Old Silver Beach for weeks. The house that caused trees to be cut down and power to go out in North Falmouth in order to move it to its new location. The house that I'm sure Eric is quoted in the paper as saying he planned to "live in."

song: Romeo and Juliet • artist: Dire Straits


Anonymous said...

He is selling it, my mom hasn't kept me up to date. I was amazed when he did all that, and now he's selling it.

kelly b

Joanne said...

It seems like he got a lot of breaks from people in town who assumed he was going to live in the house and not try to sell it for a million bucks.