Saturday, May 09, 2009

She's Got a Way

In honor of mothers day here's to all the mothers out there who aren't afraid to jump in and help out without being asked. You women rock. Whether it's a child who's calling for her dad to help her off the wooden train at the playground ("is it okay if I help you?") to the mom who picks up the crying twin that's waiting pitifully in the swing while his brother gets strapped into the stroller ahead of him. Perhaps you aren't the mother of twins (heaven forbid you said in your own words), but you obviously have talents to share that are far beyond my own. I am never at ease around other children, no matter how many of my own I seem to accumulate. Instead of at-ease mom, I feel more like deer-in-the-headlights mom. Two weekends back I did help a birthday boy who was in his birthday suit struggling with his swim trunks but only after watching his unsuccessful attempts for some time and wondering, should I or shouldn't I.
I have seen women in action who are natural-born mothers. A real mother's mother. They are the women who always have Kleenex in their pockets and juice boxes in their car (enough to share). They speak to my children with enthusiasm I can barely muster. They jump in and pass out supplies and clip boards during story time. They volunteer for the PTO and know how to French braid. They can throw a baseball. They can strike up conversation effortlessly with other mothers - I overhear them and think they must be high school friends until the end of the conversation when they formally introduce themselves to each other. They will remember each other's names next time they meet - and the names of one another's children.
They can parallel park their mini vans.
Happy Mothers Day to all the moms who can mother anyone's children. My hat's off to all of you, which is a big compliment since I rarely take off my hat.

song: She's Got a Way • artist: Billy Joel


Anonymous said...

Joanne -- Wow, you described me perfectly. Hope you had a great day!!

This mother's day I spent some time looking for my engagement ring, which my darling daughter decided to hide in the trunk of her Barbie car.

Kelly B

Joanne said...

We all spent the day sick with stomach bug! It was sort of funny and ironic in a way - today that is - yesterday it was miserable and gross.
Hope you found that ring!
Surely Barbie has her own engagement ring!

Anonymous said...

Yes we found the ring and Barbie I'm sure has gotten a few in her day from her dear ole Ken :)

Sorry you were all sick, that is not nice, you should get a make up mother's day. :)