Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cuts Like a Knife

Rainy days I don't mind. It's easier to keep track of my kids if they're all inside, plus there's no worrying about how long its been since I watered the garden.
I take it as a personal affront however, when it rains on my one day to run errands around town. That's just cruel. Especially when there are pressing purchases to be made such as yet another birthday party gift and more dry erase markers so N and S can take their caps off, put their caps on, take their caps off, put their caps on, and finally take their caps off and leave them off until they dry out. Here's an idea for a baby toy, giant magic markets with caps large enough to not be considered choking hazards. That would mean caps the size of coffee cans. The markers don't have to work, the caps merely need to be removable.
Despite the enjoyment I take in perusing the toy store and ogling the selection of black felt tip markers in Staples, my favorite errand was dropping off my kitchen knives at What a Grind Knife Sharpening in North Falmouth (shameless endorsement). I love that you can fill out a slip of paper, tie it around your knives and put them in the drop off box along with other people's knives, shears, and clippers. Today I picked them up, again in the rain. They are ginsu sharp, though I won't be cutting any tin cans with them, for only $5.

song: Cuts Like a Knife • artist: Bryan Adams

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