Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I retired the lion mobile tonight. The lion mobile has hung above the changing table for each of our kids. It was originally part of the changing table accessory that came with the Pack 'N Play my On The Water coworkers bought me before C was born. We only used that changing table briefly until Ken purchased a wooden table. Since we're still using the Pack 'N Play, the mobile was only retired to the attic. Still, the end is in sight and it's got me a little sad.
Just another first in the endless parade of putting away and getting rid of things as the children outgrow and lose interest in them. Even with being hopelessly busy, it's difficult not to get nostalgic over every little thing. There's always a spare minute for mourning the passage of time. So far the last of my offspring have outgrown bouncy chairs, size one (and two) diapers, those sleepers that are part sleeping bag, baby clothes sizes 0-3mo, 3-6mo, and finally everything 12mo and under, and various rattles, sustainable wood and otherwise.
The lion mobile was something all four of the boys were crazy about looking at, batting, and ultimately grabbing and trying to stuff into their mouths.
As an added bonus, the mobile used to inspire me to sing the weema-weh song. You know, "in the jungle the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight." Or is it the quiet jungle? Or the peaceful jungle? Well, maybe it's all for the best, but the boys loved it at the time.
Michael Jackson might have been the king of pop, lions are the king of the jungle, but Mommy is the king of the changing table.

song: The Lion Sleeps Tonight • artist: The Tokens

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Elisabet said...

in the words of my future husband, James Taylor, "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time."