Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome Back

Seems summer has finally come to Cape Cod.
After being closed up tight for a week in the July humidity, our house smells like 50 cats live in it instead of just one. When we got home, Rufus was glad to see me for about two minutes - until she realized I'd brought those four short humans back with me.
I myself was glad to stay at Belfast's Comfort Inn last night, even for $179, since it meant a stand up shower, not having to bring my own sheets and towels, and not having to carry out any dirty diapers.
I felt like Arlo Guthrie driving around the mainland yesterday with our contraband bags of dirty diapers and returnable bottles. There's never a dumpster around when you need one. Isn't that always the way?
We drove around with our garbage smelling up the van until a half-hour out of Searsport when we struck pay dirt with a redemption center located next door to a gas station (H had to go). The gas station had a dumpster around back. There were even some vegetable plants piled up next to the dumpster so I was able to get Martha and Stephen a tomato plant as a trailer-warming present.

song: Welcome Back • song: John Sebastian

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