Thursday, July 30, 2009

Round and Roud

It's so frustrating when things aren't in their proper place. Take the kitchen scissors for example, where are they? They should be in the drawer to the right of the sink. Or is it the left, I always get right and left mixed up, a little dyslexia I should think. It's a bitch when people ask me for directions, which happens all the time since I live on Cape Cod. The scissors aren't in either drawer, right or left. They aren't in the knives-and-miscellaneous-cutlery drawer. They aren't in the dish rack or the dishwasher and I'm wasting time looking because I could just pull the grapes apart with my hands to get enough together for tomorrow's lunch. I could, but it's infuriating because I know there are perfectly good kitchen scissors around here somewhere and maybe I should buy that organizer from the Pottery Barn - the one that cost 54 dollars but maybe there's a cheap knock-off version available at the Christmas Tree Shop. But everything they sell at the Christmas Tree Shop turns out to be crap sooner or later, except for those lettuce seeds two years ago, but that was a fluke. And where did all these earwigs come from? I hate earwigs. Where are the paper towels so I can wipe up the earwig's crushed exoskeleton which is now on the floor just below the right-hand drawer where the scissors should be but aren't.

song: Round and Round • artist: Ratt

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