Saturday, July 04, 2009

One Night in Bangkok

WMVY has you covered whatever the circumstances. Today they admonished listeners not to drink and drive, not to drink and boat, and not to drink and go to the beach because you might pass out before applying sunscreen, which would result in a nasty sunburn.
Why stop there?
Don't drink and grill, especially shish kabob, for obvious reasons.
Don't drink and rent a bicycle because you might accidentally go for one of those four-wheel go-cart type things with the big striped canopy and end up embarrassing your family.
Don't drink and try to put away leftovers. You'll never be able to successfully match up the Tupperware with its appropriate covers.
And lastly, don't drink and go to the local coffee shop because they are renting videos now and you might accidentally rent one starring Nicolas Cage. Remember when he used to be quirky instead of buff and ridiculous? The title in question is Bangkok Dangerous. As if Mr. Nicolas is any less ridiculous in Bangkok.

song: One Night in Bangkok • artist: Murray Head

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