Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mashed Potato Time

A blog comment from Mom-of-three, who doesn't know me very well, suggested I garden with my kids. The comment was posted in response to my entry about blue mashed potatoes. I realize that Mom-of-three was only trying to be helpful but she missed the spirit of the post.
I love that my kid wants to turn mashed potatoes blue. I love just about anything that keeps them from wanting to turn on the television in boredom. Blue mashed potatoes was followed the very next day by floating straight pins.
The phrase "turned the mashed potatoes blue" could be a metaphor for what life with kids is like. I think that's why we have kids, so they'll turn our world upside down, or at least turn our mashed potatoes blue.
Parents at dinner parties should turn to new acquaintances and say things like, "my life used to be predictable and ordinary, but then I had kids and they turned my mashed potatoes blue."

song: Mashed Potato Time • artist: Dee Dee Sharp


Anonymous said...

I've had a hard time resisting commenting publically on this. You are right, she doesn't know you, not that I do either other than elementary school. But if she followed your blog on a regular basis she'd know that you do garden with your kids and you don't need to use a tacky swimming pool to do so, although I might give it a try based on my land conditions. HA HA.

Getting that out of the way, my kids love to turn there eggs green or blue. They they start to recite green eggs and ham. :) Long live Dr. Suess.

Kelly B - Medford.

Joanne said...

Yes. Three cheers for whoever created food coloring. Definitely a genius.

Anonymous said...

Green eggs and red ham. Now we have blue feet with purple toes If only food coloring was this cause I wold of been very happy! Children or the big child in my life turned my foot Blue & black. Those darn wooden mashers, oh clogs that what I ment ,he is a clog!