Tuesday, December 09, 2008

All Night Long

Once upon a time I had books on my night stand; which isn't saying I read any of them but they kept up appearances well enough. Now all I have is stuffed animals. Two bunnies, an elephant, and a hedgehog to be exact.
Last night was a four-star night meaning all four of my children woke up and cried.
The twins woke up and cried because they wake up and cry every night.
H woke up and cried because we'd turned out his bedroom light, forgotten to put on the closet light, and, gasp! the room was dark.
C woke up and cried because he couldn't find the water bottle he keeps filled by his bed. The one that pretty much ensures that he will be wearing pull ups in college

song: All Night Long • artist: Lionel Richie


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