Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Winner Takes It All

Dear Ann ,

Thanks for the award! I feel undeserved since the rules say I'm suppose to nominate seven other bloggers, and, well, with the exception of your blog, and reading that very funny story by Amy
about her son and the buttermilk, I don't actually follow any other blogs.
I don't have the time. Honest! I would have to give up eating if I wanted to fit even the tiniest new thing into my day. I've already given up sleeping.
Not reading other people's blogs is yet another thing I feel guilty about. Why should I expect anyone to read mine if I can't return the favor. It's like writing a novel that you hope every will read and then admitting that you never read for pleasure.

song: The Winner Takes It All • artist: Abba

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Ann's Rants said...


I had an inkling this might be the case and that's why I said nada problema. You have four kids and what I'm gathering is a pretty high-pressure writing gig and a LIFE. You deserve Marie because I of your superb writing and hilarious subterranean humor. You've been a great bloggy friend to me. So quit it. Right. Now.