Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Beat Goes On

We composted the remaining Thanksgiving leftovers this morning. Everything except for the turkey pieces that Ken picked out of the soup. We saved that for the cat. And the beets - they still looked pretty good so we finished them with tonight's dinner.
That's that. Thanksgiving is officially over. Not that it's a holiday that lingers for very long anyway. As soon as the turkey is off the table it's pretty much a straight shot on to Christmas. Unlike, say, Halloween, which lingers around the fringes of Thanksgiving. Those pumpkin gourds are harvest-like anyway and so what if there are some pipe-cleaner spiders peaking out from behind them? Conversely, there will be no colored-in Thanksgiving turkeys made from someone's traced hand mingling with the nativity set and the snow globes.
Which reminds me, I said I'd get the outdoor lights from the guest bedroom closet tonight. Better get on that.

song: The Beat Goes On • artist: Sonny and Cher

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