Saturday, December 27, 2008

Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Here is the trajectory of my life thus far as it applies to stemware. In the beginning, for apartment living, mismatched wine glasses were acquired from the pick of the liter and various yard sales.
Then came marriage. Everyone knows that a successful marriage hinges on having several sets of tasteful matching stemware. Ours were chosen by friends with a lot of help from a friendly little device known as a wedding registry, which lets your loved ones know that you don't think they are capable of picking out tasteful items for themselves. Ultimately most of these glasses got broken.
After we had kids we couldn't be bothered with wine glasses that couldn't be jammed into the dishwasher and had to be washed by hand. Instead we started saving jelly jars to use as all-purpose drinking glasses. We amassed quite a collection.
Now for the rub. This summer C purchased a wine glass at a church fair which he presented to me. For Christmas he did the same with a wine glass he got at the thrift shop. A wine glass I had to give him the dollar to buy.
So it's back to mismatched wine glasses. If I just have another round, maybe I won't notice.

song: Will The Circle Be Unbroken • artist: A.P. Carter


Ann's Rants said...

After my mom and dad split when I was a child, I purchased one wine glass for my mom for her birthday. I was so proud when they wrapped it in tissue and boxed it for me. I'll never forget the look on her face. I think she was touched, but what a depressing symbol!

Joanne said...

The single wine glass as a metaphor for the single life. I had not thought of that one. It does sound like an unintentional downer.

Susan said...

What are you two talking about? It's a thoughtful gift. You don't want a newly single woman drinking out of the bottle. Or worse, a bottle in a paper bag ... :D

Joanne said...

or maybe a nice crazy straw?

Anonymous said...

is there anything wrong with a sippy cup

Ann's Rants said...

I guess it was better than one toasting flute...(champagne, not zamfir)