Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ugly from the Front

It's the cat's favorite time of year. When we make amends for incarcerating her for the past 17 years by bringing a tree into the house for her to climb. It's just our little way of saying that despite bringing home all these meddlesome kids, we still love her.
Yes, the Christmas tree is up and Ken didn't swear once during the proceedings. He didn't swear while dragging it in the house. He didn't swear when I said it was crooked. He didn't swear when I suggested we turn it around so the bald spot would be in the back. Nothing got knocked off any of the countertops, desk or tables on the way in either because I had held C's good luck medal earlier in the day. The medal he got at Sophia's birthday party while playing Pixie Bingo. The medal everyone got.
"Hold my good luck medal, mommy," he insisted.
"What do I need good luck with," I asked, medal in hand.
"So you and daddy won't fight about the Christmas tree," he said directly.
After the tree was up we both stepped back and said the words we say every year.
"That's the ugliest tree we've ever gotten."

song: Ugly from the Front • artist: Lyle Lovett

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