Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Too Late

Now that it's December I think I am officially going into Christmas present panic mode. Last year at this time I had all my shopping done. This year I have twice as many children and barely any gifts squirreled away. Last year at this time of course I was almost eight months pregnant and afraid that I might go into labor or be put on bed rest before the holidays.
If that's what it takes to motivate me to shop on time my kids are in real trouble. I don't plan on having that particular motivation ever again.
I e-mailed a bunch of editorial to the newsroom last night, hopelessly late as usual. How long can I use the excuse of having four children to explain my own state of constant dishevelment?

song: It's Too Late • artist: Carole King

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Ann's Rants said...

Ok, didn't realize you had 4 kids. I figured 3, but holy moly. The twins will have more fun with the wrapping paper this year anyway, so don't fret over them. Order everything else on line through Amazon or Target. DO IT. Its easy and wonderful and you still have time.

As long as you have kids in the house, I say you have an excuse. So there.

Jeez, I'm pushy tonight.