Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Can't Keep It In II

From Christmas present panic it's only a short trip into the land of clever-photo-for-the-holiday-greeting-card panic. Ken had a great idea about printing out the letters N O E L on card stock and having each kid hold a letter up for the camera. I was working up the letters on the computer last night when H announced that he needed to do you know what in the potty and that my presence was required to, "keep me company."
I called out to him that he should go in the bathroom and get started without me but instead, he came into the computer room. He got started without me - just not in the bathroom.
Strange, for someone who seems to like talking about poopies as much as he does, he sure didn't like having them in his pants.

song: Can't Keep It In • artist: Cat Stevens

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