Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Joker

Despite all the technological advances, the media saturation, the generation gap, and everything else that makes our own childhoods so vastly different from those of our children, kids, at least little kids, still find that same stupid stuff funny that we thought was funny. Take "Jingle Bells Santa Smells..." for example. Cave men probably made that up - and kids have been finding it hilarious ever since.
Every week day I pack a joke in C's lunch box. It's corny I know but kindergartners go for corny in a big way. December has featured holiday or winter-themed jokes. I cull them off the internet by googling "jokes" and "kids."
Every night I ask C how the "joke of the day" was.
Friday's joke was as follows:
Q: What do you call a snowman in July?
A: A puddle.
"I don't get it" he said when I asked him how he liked the joke.
"Well, what happens to a snowman when it gets warm?"
"It melts."
"So what do you call a snowman in July?"
"Yeah, but that's not funny."
"Oh." (pause)
"Mommy. Did you make up that joke yourself?"
Since I had nothing to lose I made one up on the spot.
"Okay then, how about this one. What do you call a snowman on a lilly pad?"
"I don't know, what?"
"Froggy the snowman"
He and H cracked up for about five minutes.
Joke writer for six year olds - I guess I missed my calling.

song: The Joker • artist: Steve Miller

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Ann's Rants said...

The less sense they make, the bigger reaction you'll get (as evidenced by one of my 5year olds jokes):

Knock Knock
Whose There?
Orange who?
Babies poop in diapers!!!!

(laughter that never ceases)