Thursday, December 18, 2008

Take It On The Run

Round two of the flu shot this afternoon.
There were some kids in the waiting room at the pediatricians who were really freaking out. One tenacious little guy actually bolted for the door and his mom had to grab him and drag him back inside.
I like to see a little spunk and rebellion instead of merely encountering a room full of sheep all waiting to be next in line. It's Dylan Thomasesque. "Do not go gentle into that good exam room. Rage, rage against the nurse."
Unless it's my own kids that is.

song: Take It On The Run • artist: REO Speedwagon


Ann's Rants said...

Someone shoul've told her about flumist.

Joanne said...

They've offered Flumist in past years (I dimly recall seeing a sign). It wasn't an option this year.
C mentioned this morning that he wished there was some other way to get the medicine other than having a shot.
I mused that maybe the medicine was just so darn terrible tasting, it was better to have it as a shot than to have to swallow it.
He seemed satisfied with that.