Sunday, January 11, 2009

Amoeba Hop

My dad has taught the twins how to clap. They've reached that Pavlovian stage where, if you say "yeaaaaaaaah," in a high pitched voice, they will automatically grin and start clapping like harbor seals. If you put them in their LLBean baby buntings the effect is even more seal-like.
Lying on their backs in their buntings the twins look like starfish. Dr. Seussian starfish since one is red and the other blue (one starfish, two starfish, red starfish, blue starfish...). If you put them on their stomaches in their buntings and they start squirming about trying to maneuver into crawling position, then they look like amoebas.
Papa is also trying to teach the twins to make noise by getting them to open their mouths wide and slap them repeatedly with their hands. "Whoop like an Indian!" he encourages them. It's kinda cute but politically speaking it's disturbingly incorrect.
When they aren't whooping, the twins favorite activity is pulling all the CDs out of the bottom cubbies of our CD holder. The CDs are, or were, in alphabetical order which means the the Rolling Stones, Warren Zevon, and Tom Waits are being strewn about the living room daily. In the very bottom cubbies are, or were, my collection of operas. These have taken a real beating. The twins have cast aside Carmen, tossed Tosca, trashed Traviata, turned over Turandot, and bashed Bohéme.

song Amoeba Hop • artist: Christine Lavin

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